My Quarantine Kitchen

messy kid's play kitchen

A chronicle of surviving Covid isolation.

I’m Jesse. I live in rural eastern Oregon with my partner, our two kids, and no pets. In September 2021 my kids and I went into Covid quarantine.

Simple meals, rest (for everyone), exercise (for those healthy enough), wine (for those old enough), and fun cooking projects are my quarantine plan. So when I’m not wiping noses, facilitating art projects, negotiating peace talks between the kids, or learning WordPress, I’ll probably be in the kitchen.

Latest Posts

Quarantine Lite

Eagle Treats, salsa, and beets while home sick (again!) Kid 1 is sick, so here I am… once again stuck home alone with very young people. I’m thankful we know it’s not Covid, but she’s been laid up on the couch with a high fever which is so pathetic and sad and uncharacteristic. The isolationContinue reading “Quarantine Lite”

Braised pork, Italian style.

Trying out this platform as a way to share info on meals made for friends. Calling it “Provisions.” Here’s the most recent offering… 10.7.21 Braised pork with polenta; giardiniera; kale salad with apples, feta, and candied pepitas. Pumpkin spice muffins. Granola.

Day 11.

This was our final day!!! I think we made it! I will have a final post tomorrow, and this blog may continue in a modified form post-quarantine. Subscribe at the bottom of the page if you don’t want to miss future posts! Today I knocked another easy one off the list: baked oatmeal. Apparently I’veContinue reading “Day 11.”


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